Dad, Son, and a Holy Reckoning

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Rev. Dr. Steve Trout is discussing their fascination with his gay atheist daughter Christopher, if the second interrupts: “But you


think i will get left behind while in the rapture, appropriate?”

After an anxious silence, both Trouts emerge in fun.

Last time
Christopher Trout

Gender Schedules

, he talked about growing up homosexual as child of a Methodist minister — along with his eventual jobs in gay porn sex authorship, with his brand new genderqueer family. This week, Rev. Dr. Steve Trout joins their blasphemous daughter for a frank conversation of sex, God, family members, and intimate fetishes that make all of them LOL. “My calling as a dad to love my daughter supersedes my attachment with the chapel,” clarifies the elder bass, just who today causes the
First Methodist Church of Los Alamos
, Unique Mexico. Together with son fact-checking, the reverend reflects on preserving gender for marriage; marrying his high-school lover; and just how his understanding of family has evolved over the years. (so that as for all the rapture: Yes, he feels involved. No, he doesn’t worry about Chris obtaining left out.) Keep voicemail for

Intercourse Life


Pic: Thanks To Rev. Dr. Steve Trout

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