King from Dark, post this new gleam you love to provide to your ritual blessing of one’s married virgin!

King from Dark, post this new gleam you love to provide to your ritual blessing of one’s married virgin!

Sappho, Fragment 111 (trans. Campbell, Vol. Greek Lyric We) (Greek lyric C6th B.C.) : “Toward higher brand new roof–Hymenaios (Hymenaeus)!–arise, your carpenters–Hymenaios! brand new groom is on its way.”

Maids from Troy, wear your own brightest attire : come, and you will play my personal wedding-tune, hail the brand new partner Eros (Love) and you will Future designate personally!

Euripides, Trojan Female 310 ff (trans. Vellacott) (Greek catastrophe C5th B.C.) : “Kassandra (Cassandra) [lamenting the fall of Troy together with enslavement of one’s Troe! Ton the latest structure which have holy light! Worship new Almighty Hymen (Hymenaeus), Goodness from emnon, learn regarding my personal maiden flesh, King away from Argos, just take me! Heaven’s true blessing falls to your myself and falls you. Pay attention to our shout from worship, Hymen, Jesus regarding Wedding! Mom [Hekabe, Hecuba], as you crouch and you can cry weak which have rips and you can noisy having suffering for my beloved deceased urban area and you can my personal killed father, I’ve lead them–torches to own my personal relationships-evening, jumping white and you may dancing flame, on your honour, Hymen, Jesus off hot focus! Performers, become! Sagging the jumping feet, insane with drink away from ecstasy! Glorify my personal dad’s delighted future! God Apollon, lead so it holy routine dance! On your forehead-legal, below your immortal laurel-tree, We the priestess turn to you! Hymen, mighty jesus, Hymen, listen to! Become and you may moving, mother, dance beside me; charm the newest Energies that have fortunate terms, loudly chant your daughter’s wedding-tune! Extremely whirl and turn from inside the purest ecstasy! “

Aristophanes, Wild birds 1720 (trans. O’Neill) (Greek funny C5th to 4th B.C.) : “[A married relationship tune :] Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios (Hymenaeus)! Rosy Eros (Love) towards fantastic wings stored this new reins and you may guided this new chariot; ’twas he, who presided across the union from Zeus additionally the lucky Hera. Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios!”

Aristophanes, Peace 1316 ff : “[A historical Greek wedding song (hymenaios) :] Trygaios (Trygaeus) : Started, wife, towards areas and you can search, my beauty, so you’re able to lighten and you will enliven my personal night. Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios (Hymenaeus)! Commander of Chorus (singing) : Oh! thrice happy guy, exactly who very well have earned the good fortune! Oh! Hymen! oh oh! Hymenaios! Chorus (singing) : Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios! Trygaios (singing) : Exactly what should i do to her? Chorus (singing) : Exactly what shall i do to their unique? Trygaios (singing) : We’ll assemble their own kisses. Chorus (singing) : We’re going to collect their unique kisses. Commander of your Chorus (singing) : But already been, comrades, i that are in the 1st row, let’s collect the fresh bridegroom and carry your inside the achievement. Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios! Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios! Trygaios (singing) : You shall have a superb household, zero cares therefore the top out of figs. Oh crucial hyperlink! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios! Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios! Frontrunner of one’s Chorus (singing) : The fresh new bridegroom’s fig is great and thick; the brand new bride’s very softer and you will delicate. Trygaios (singing) : Whenever you are dining and you may consuming strong draughts out of wines, always recite: Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios! Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios, Hail, hail, my friends. All of the exactly who come with me should has actually cakes galore.”

Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 4. 1158 ff (trans. Rieu) (Greek unbelievable C3rd B.C.) : “[The fresh Phaiakes (Phaeacians) commemorate the wedding off Iason (Jason) and Medea :] Then its temples wreathed that have leafy twigs, it carried out the newest hymneia-track together away from wedding chamber on clear notes out of Orpheus’ lyre.”

C.) : “Kleio (Clio) the new Mousa (Muse) fell deeply in love with men, predicated on Likymnios (Licymnius), and lots of believe Hymenaios (Hymenaeus) is actually their particular young man

Antoninus Liberalis, Metamorphoses 23 (trans. Celoria) (Greek mythographer C2nd A good.D.) : “Magnes [King out-of Magnesia] . . . got good son, Hymenaios (Hymenaeus), admired of the all around to possess his appearance. Apollon watched the newest chap and you may fell deeply in love with him and you will won’t leave the house out of Magnes.”

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